Photos and champion's maps

 It's been awful four days without AREC... We're all missing - competitiors, horses... So, just to make us feel better, bit of memories available here and there. Let's take a look at:

- our gallery, where you can find pictures made by Olo Jasik (3 parts)

- unfailing Silne Studio - photos by Granpa Piotr

- and, for example, fb gallery by Team Merrell Denmark photographer.

Once more Maciek and his new friend as a starter, below:

Not enough? OK, beside photos we'd like to show you how to do it. I mean - what is the way to win- on the short course. A map with Nonstop Adventure team tracking below... Unfortunetally, we're missing their prologue route choices - which would be even more interesting. Anyway, have a good time.