AREC 2013: day III

All teams which continue AREC are skiing now. Down below you find in and outs from CP 36. In – means finish of the biking stage after the first XC skiing. Out – means start of the second skiing. Secon skiing should be a beat nicer than frist one. Most of the distance is tracked. It's snowing now and -10 degrees C. Cold cause windy. Short course also started the skiing stage. The leadeers are Łukasz Szumiec and Arkadiusz Krzesiński (JSC Żbik). They came to the TA "D" on bikes after the first trekking and two special tasks. They went out at 19.54. Five teams from

Special task - angle ascent in Szymbark's Kasztel. (fot. Aleksander Jasik).

Artur Kurek and Justyna Frączek, Salewa Trail Team (fot. Aleksander Jasik)

There's another team which finished the race. Team Innov-8 member Rafał Dobiecki destroyed his toe nails and was unable to keep racing.


Team Tetrahedron (Magda Gruziel, Jerzy Lekki, Konrad Ciuraszkiewicz i Hubert Puka; fot. Aleksander Jasik)

Racers look tired and sleepmonsters appeared. Ulrike Fuhrman (Team 360 Stopni) said she got halucinations, but she didn't want to say what she was seeing. ACE Adventure/ were trying to leave TA five times still missing something or somebody. They needed five tries to manage it. All the teams got around 350 km in their legs...

Between the CP 42 and CP 43 first were skiing 3 and 10 (Czech Teams: CZAR Team Berghaus/Merida/Nutrend and Salomon/Suunto/OpavaNet). It was hour 20:30. Thirty hours later Russians came to this place. Salewa Trail Team gained 1,5 hour. They are good shape, look strong. All teams need to be hurry because of the time limits.


CP 36/TA "D" (end of bike, start of II skis)
Team In Out Missing CP's Penalty/Redress in minutes
3 13:22 14:33 2 +360
10 13:24 14:37 2 +180
6 13:46 14:33 0 +60
12 14:15 15:10 5 +360
7 14:30 15:40 5 +500
11 15:18 16:46 9 +50
2 15:24 16:08 0 -95
5 16:07 17:25 2 +180